Aetos Capital (“Aetos”) provides customized portfolio solutions to institutional investors.  Our investment professionals bring deep experience across a broad range of asset classes including hedge funds, public and private equity, credit and real estate.  As dedicated fiduciaries, we employ a disciplined approach to asset allocation, manager selection, and portfolio construction that emphasizes comprehensive risk management at every step.

At Aetos, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service that is highly customized to meet their long-term investment goals.  To this end, we remain a wholly independently-owned, SEC-registered investment advisor1 with offices in New York and California. Since inception, we have grown steadily and organically to become the multi-billion dollar firm we are today.


1 SEC registration does not imply in any manner whatsoever that Aetos has been sponsored, recommended, or approved, or that its abilities or qualifications have in any respect been passed upon by the United States or any agency or any office thereof.